Zeereep 104
2202 NW Noordwijk
Route to Tulum



- How can I cancel my reservation?
It is possible to cancel your reservation via the confirmation email you received after booking online.
- How can I change the time or date of my reservation? 
It is possible to change the date or time of your reservation via the confirmation email you received after booking online.
- I want to make a reservation for a group, is that possible?
Yes, for group reservations from 10 people, go to our booking partner
- Can I bring my dog? 
Yes! That's allowed :)
- Do you rent beach beds?
Of course! We work with the principle of 'first come, first serve'. It is not possible to reserve beach beds in advance.
- I forgot something with you, now what? 
For found items, it is best to go back to the location to see if it is still there.
- Are there electrical outlets to work? 
Absolute! Please note that there is a limited number available. We remain a beach bar ;).
- Are there highchairs available? 
Yes, high chairs are available!
- Do you have gift vouchers?
No... Bring 'the lucky one' yourself to us.
- When is the furniture sale?
The furniture sale is at the end of the season. Register in advance via the website at furniture. 
- Are you an official wedding location? 
Yes, we are an official wedding venue. Go to events for more information and/or contact us via the contact form.
- When do you close? We are open from mid-February to the end of October. Keep an eye on our socials for the final dates.
- Do you already have a menu online? 
No, we will assure you that there are enough goodies on it. Also vegetarian options ;).
- I would like to come and work for you, is that possible? 
Yes, you can, click here!












































In winter we are closed.
Winter Lodge in Noordwijk is open!