Corporate event

Are you the mastermind behind this year's corporate event for you and your colleagues? How about the Beachvilla in Tulum? 


On the beach in Noordwijk stands Tulum's Beachvilla, ready for groups of 40 people and above. You can exclusively reserve this for your event. Enjoy an afternoon and/or evening by the beach, with surprising dishes, refreshing drinks, and a beautiful sunset. After dinner, there's space for a party with a DJ.


Want to know more about planning a corporate event or take a close look at the Beachvilla? Leave your details in the form below, and we'll get in touch with you soon!



Welcome to Tulum, where a corporate party is a unique experience! Immerse yourself in the relaxed vibe, where time seems to stand still, and you can enjoy without stress. Relax on comfortable lounge spots, savor freshly prepared dishes, and let our beach boys & girls ensure you and your colleagues have a day full of fun. Time to chat about everything but work!


Tulum – the crew!
Our team of beach boys & girls ensures the perfect relaxed atmosphere! The only thing you and your colleagues need to think about is what you want to eat or drink. The relaxed atmosphere is key, just like the personal touch of our beach boys & girls.


Tulum - business bites & drinks
In the Beachvilla kitchen, we work with fresh products. During dinner, we serve a variety of fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes. At the salad bar, you and your colleagues can endlessly choose from various fresh salads. And of course, your favorite drinks are already waiting in a zinc tub with ice. Beer, wine, or something refreshing? You name it!